Land’s End Natural Open Top Beach Bag | Editor’s Review

I am spot on as a beach goer. Anytime I visit the ocean – for sunsets, sunrises (if I’m lucky) and to lie in the sun on weekends. I love being by the water, and ever since I got the Lands & Naturals Open Top Beach Bag ($39), it’s been by my side for all my ocean adventures. I am always taking items to the beach; Whether it’s a laptop, books, towels, sunscreen, my phone or speakers—I’m never without a bag full of essentials. I’ve found the Land’s End beach bag to be one of my favorite beach companions. It’s durable, with a water-resistant base, an abundance of pockets and a cotton canvas that can withstand heavy loads of items. It’s truly one of my favorite beach bags, and I’ve owned many.

What I love about the Land’s End natural open top beach bag

Have you ever opened your beach bag only to spend (what feels like hours) trying to find your sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle? . . etc.? I know I have, but with this beach bag, I never had that problem. There’s a pocket for everything. Sunglasses? check laptop? You bet. Sunscreen? Ha. book? You understand. There’s even a pocket on the front to hold items you reach for frequently (like a phone). The pockets are deep and hold items securely without worrying about them falling out. The bag even has a clip to hook your keys — I swear Lands ‘and everything thought. In addition to its incredibly useful pockets, this bag is built to impressive quality. You can tell by touching it that it won’t fall apart. Its wide seams allow it to stand upright when you put it down, and its website says it’s strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds. I took this bag on trips where I filled it to the brim with miscellaneous items and it held everything comfortably. I even took it as a carry-on on a plane and it worked perfectly fine.

What to notice about the Land’s End natural open top beach bag

The bag comes in metallic and brown color options and can be monogrammed if you wish. You can choose to buy it in different styles and sizes. Whether you want a zip top or an open top, a bag that’s medium, large, or extra large (I have medium for reference), or you want a long or regular handle, there are a few options to choose from.

Who is the Lands & Naturals Open Top Beach Bag Best For?

This bag is great for everyone. Not only for beachgoers, but also for regular travelers. Its pockets make it very easy to find everything you need, it can be cleaned relatively easily and it can be taken as a carry-on when traveling somewhere. If you choose the zipper design, it doubles up to ensure your items stay in place. I personally have the open-top version of this bag and use it for everything — travel, vacation, as a purse. . . etc

Additional information

  • This bag has a water-resistant base and trim.
  • It has one outer pocket and four inner pockets.
  • The canvas is made of 100 percent cotton.
  • You can add a monogram, embroidery, or both.

Where to find the land’s last natural open top beach bag?

Right now, you can buy the Land’s End Natural Open Top Beach Bag at Kohl’s ($39), Target ($49) and the Land’s End website ($39).

Editor’s Rating

Photo credit: Popsugar Photography / Haley Lindes

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