Kristen Stewart at the Cannes Film Festival Photos

Kristen Stewart did a full fashion show at the Cannes Film Festival this week. Surrounded by nineties-clad stars in everything from Armani Prive to Alexandre Vathia, Stuart Burgundy walks the walkway in a number of glamorous looks that reflect the versatility of Chanel’s brand ambassador style.

On May 23, the “Crime of the Future” star was spotted leaving the Hotel Martinez in a cropped Chanel T-shirt, which she styled with layered denim shorts over a high-waisted Flavor du Mal underwear. Stuart paired the look with black combat boots, white socks and a silver lock necklace. Days later, he got on the red carpet with Vigo Mortensen and Robert Lantos to take part in the screening of their new film. Stuart’s outfit for the evening was a bedded Chanel crop top and an asymmetrical pleated skirt from the brand’s Spring / Summer 2022 Couture Collection. She paired the look with black heels and a high ponytail.

On May 24, Stuart reduced her appearance at a celebration screening of “L’Innocent”, swapping a pair of ornate red carpet dresses for a pair of black flared tweed pants, matching a pip-toe pump, and a strapless corset top. She wore half a button down under the red carpet. Breaking away from the usual primitive styling trend on the red carpet, Stuart paired the look with black sunglasses – a casual yet glamorous accessory moment that replicated the second look of the day.

During the “Crimes of the Future” photo call, she brought with her a piece of red carpet in the form of a red tweed pantsuit, lined with crystal buttons and decorated with the Chanel logo on her left hand. Stuart wore an open blazer without a bra, making the vintage-inspired outfit his own. Stuart wore yellow sunglasses and a Mary Jane platform dress, blending in with some of her effortlessly quiet street style.

Check out all of Stewart’s gorgeous red carpets at the Cannes Film Festival up front.

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