Kim Kardashian Micro Thong Bikini

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In a 13-part Instagram Story, Kim Kardashian models new skim pieces from her upcoming drop, giving her audience all shopping envy. “I’m so excited to announce ‘Swimming’ and to announce the creation of the towel,” she began, referring to the products unveiled in a campaign released Monday, July 15, starring Madison Bailey, Paris Jackson and Bella Porch. “Our first drop had our original nude and black,” he continued. “We’re always going to add some new colors, so instead of blues, we’re going to add whites and pinks with matching towels and all styles.”

As soon as that was said, the try-on haul began, with the reality star and the scheme’s founder separated in the tiniest of swims. First, there was a white string-bikini set with a triangle top and matching bottom. Then came along the most daring style of the selection: a micro thong, which Kardashian rode above her waist. “It’s one of our newer styles,” he said. “Micro Tanga Bottom and Micro Triangle Top”.

Shortly after, she modeled another way of wearing it, which was below the waist and with slightly more coverage. Next, she wore a cropped swim t-shirt over the bra, presenting an effortlessly cool beach look. The 41-year-old star added, “White swimwear can get a little sheer. Our fabric is nice and thick and holds you in and it’s great, but it can get a little sheer. So, layer or be prepared.”

Before the collection drops on Thursday, July 28, watch the business mogul in action and see what three POPSUGAR editors think of her skim swimwear.

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