Kim Kardashian, Balenciaga look north and west of Chicago

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The trend of Kim Kardashian and the Balenciaga style of the Northwest continues. The mother-daughter duo was recently spotted in New York City after another round look from their go-to designer. The founders of Reality Star and Schemes wore a tap tank top and matching oversized multipack denim jeans that had an acid-wash treatment. Kardashian finished the casual look with gray delicate boots, her bleach-blonde hair style in a low bun, and no jewelry.

Meanwhile, North in a bald T-shirt in black jeans has served up another monochromatic black look. She came up with her signature punk-inspired edge, styled the outfit with a pair of loafers and futuristic-looking sunglasses. Her other accessories include a Balenciaga Hourglass small crocodile-embossed top-handle bag ($ 2,950) and a pearl necklace that read “North”. North has worked as magic for her younger sister’s appearance, as Chicago matches her sibling in a black short-sleeved T-shirt worn over baggy jeans. His bag was similar to the North, although he wore it as a top-handle accessory instead of a crossbody. The 4-year-old seems to be following in the footsteps of his family with this Balenciaga ‘fit from head to toe.

The family flew to New York just days after a busy Europe trip, where Kardashian made her catwalk debut at the Balenciaga Couture show during the Paris Haute Couture Week. He and North also dominated the mother-daughter twins during their stay, featuring the Balenciaga silhouette and the Jean-Paul Goltier pinstripe assembly (developed with the wrong nose ring).

Look forward to stylish family trips and shopping north.

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