July 2022 Vogue cover dua lipper mere prada dress

The evolution of Dua Lipper from a performer to a full-fledged entrepreneur is highlighted on her July 2022 Vogue cover, which she saw in a collection entitled “The Ideology of Prada” from Prada Fall 2022’s collection. A collaborative product of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the outfit includes the Prada triangle logo and a gray embroidered sheer outfit marked with a white tank top and black shorts at the bottom. Lipa poses barefoot in a chair, displaying soft glam makeup in contrast with a low bun and metallic eyeshadow split in the middle. She wore no jewelry, presenting a somewhat low-down version of her bizarre style.

“I’ve always had this resentment towards patriarchy. I never liked what boys would tell me to do.”

The 26-year-old star sat down for a barbecue meal with Texas consumer writer Jane Wang, one of the many stops on her “Future Nostalgia” tour in the United States, for which she adopted underwear-style and sheer catsuits as uniforms. Lipa talks about her dedication to music, her upbringing in the tight Kosovar community and starting the next chapter of her life where she continues to tell stories of creative and staff worldwide through her subscription newsletter called “Service95” and her podcast titled “At Your Service”. She is acting like her, finally reaching a stage where she is no longer afraid to claim her power. “I have always had this resentment towards patriarchy,” he said. “I never liked what the boys told me to do.”

Throughout the story, Lipa gives Chloe a number of eye-catching looks, including a light-weight linen pantsuit, a torn Proenza Scholar maxi dress, a beaded Chanel dress layered over a white tank, and a sequin-covered and feather-decorated asymmetrical red. Connor Ives gown. “I am so grateful to have this cover for reminding me of my most transformative year so far, where I feel I have moved and changed so much on a personal level,” the singer captioned her announcement post. “I feel stronger, proud of the journey I’ve had to get here, and grateful for all the support I’ve received along the way.”

Appreciate each of the lipper cover looks and watch the video of her 73 questions in front

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