Julia Garner yellow Prada mini dress

Julia Garner and Prada make a chic combo. On Monday, July 18, all eyes were on the “Inventing Anna” actress when she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in a luxurious silk dress designed by the Italian fashion house. Garner looked absolutely regal in the pastel yellow mini, complete with a plunging square neckline, high-waist crystal band and spaghetti straps. With a bubble bodice that’s structured at the top but flares out a bit at the bottom, the design beautifully interprets the sportiness of the 60s. The ensemble leaned heavily on the formal side, yet it had all the hallmarks of a youthful, summer-appropriate look.

The “Ozark” star and her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman stayed true to the retro moment by adding beige-and-black ballerina flats and round black sunglasses (the star greeted fans outside before taping the episode). Her signature wavy bob also contributed to the retro theme, while her orange stone ring, diamond engagement ring and stud earrings felt modern.

Garner thanked Prada in an Instagram post for helping her execute her latest look, which recalls the sparkling sheer mini worn by the same designer on the “Tonight Show” in February. The sleeveless vintage-inspired A-line dress, whose halter neckline is embellished with a black velvet bow, also exudes ’60s glam. It’s clear that the actress has an affinity for Prada and popular ’60s silhouettes as she often combines the two to create memorable looks.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she spoke with guest host Dana Carvey about her Emmy-nominated TV show and did perfect impressions of two of her best-known characters, Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvey. Ahead, check out the stunning Prada dress from several angles and watch Garner expertly switch between her “Ozark” and “Anna Invention” accents.

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