Julia Fox goes shopping for groceries after underwear

Julia Fox is not afraid of freezer burn. On May 15, Fox was spotted shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles, but instead of pants and a messy bun, the model set foot on a set of matching lingerie with an automatic door. While she was working, Fox wore a black bra with white elastic and a pair of underwear layered under a denim blazer. She styled the look with her signature jean purse, a pair of ruffled denim boots and black sunglasses.

As photos of Fox’s unconventional grocery-shopping look surfaced online, fans began to express their disbelief at the combination of risk. “Oh sure, when Julia Fox goes shopping for groceries after her underwear, she’s a fashion icon. But when I do, I’m no longer welcome to Whole Foods,” said one Tweet On monday.

“I just think it should be the same everywhere if it’s socially acceptable on the beach.”

In response to the countless memes emanating from her casual outings, Fox returned to her Instagram stories to share her thoughts on her fans’ clothing criticism. “I just think that if it’s socially acceptable on the beach, it should be the same everywhere,” he wrote.

Fox’s grocery-store trip comes just two months after the LA-based brand No Cesso wore a black cutout outfit to the Film Independent Spirit Awards, with a triangular bikini at the bottom. The Canadian tuxedo that Fox layered on her underwear on Sunday is made up of pieces from her extensive denim collection, including a freshly bandaged top recovered from a pair of jeans.

Fox’s creativity in the field of fashion has certainly caught the eye, and his latest appearance is no exception. Would it be normal to show this single outing in the frozen-food section without boxers and a bralette? We’ll stick to sweatpants.

Check out the look of Fox’s full underwear while unloading his groceries in the parking lot here.

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