Joyce and Hopper’s combined outfit in Stranger Things

Nothing goes to “Stranger Things” fans. From weird plot holes to subtle predictions of a character’s fate, no small details go unnoticed by fans of the Netflix series. The fourth episode of a particularly healthy observation show about the clothing of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Jim Hopper (David Harbor) has sparked discussion on social media after the volume to premiere.

A Reddit user named Cistern recently posted in the “Stranger Things” subreddit, “Funny details: Joyce and Hopper are always wearing matching costumes in the finale.” In the first season, it was the Hazmat suit; In the second season, it was scrub; In the third season, it was Russian uniform; And in the fourth season, it was the yellow T-shirt and puffer jacket. Technically speaking, the moment of Joyce and Hopper’s coordinating scrub actually happens between the second to the last episode of season two, rather than the final, but close enough, isn’t it?

It’s not clear if “Stranger Things” costume designer Amy Paris planned to play matching costumes for the characters from Get Go, or if it’s just a coincidence. Either way, it convinces fans that Joyce and Hopper were the last game from the start, despite the many twists and turns of their slow-burning romance. What will the Lovebirds wear in the final episode of “Stranger Things” season five? Perhaps they combine wedding outfits as a knot tie? As we wait to find out, let’s look back at the Joyce and Hopper outfit moments from the first four seasons.

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