Jennifer Lopez’s white silk blouse and metallic trousers

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A glam ensemble deserves a moment in her photo, and Jennifer Lopez takes the idea to heart. On Monday, the singer shared a few mirror selfies on her glamorous troupe’s Instagram as she prepares for the day.

Holding her pink-case-wearing iPhone, she poses with a white, silky button-down V-shaped neckline, undoing the top buttons for maximum visual effect. He paired it with thermal metal trousers and a matching silver buckle belt. She was offered last month by Ben Affleck, a simple chain necklace, a matching watch and a green engagement ring with a heart pendant and gold. Its fresh blowout, which split in the middle, looks darker than its recent honey-colored highlight, with a deep mushroom-brown shade. Meanwhile, her skin glows under her pink blush makeup and shiny gold eyelids.

“Today is Monday. #LetsGetIt,” Jay Lowe captioned the photo gallery, tagging hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimmons as the architect of the new hairstyle and nail artist Tom Bachik as the creator of her French manicure. Behind him was a rack of clothes, suggesting that the 52-year-old star was set for a photoshoot – probably for a potential promotion.

Jay Lo’s business attire reveals the effortless embrace of glam in recent style moments, including the maxi-skirt for lunch with her daughter on Mother’s Day. The actress has also been wearing a lot of white lately; She wore it this past Sunday and again last month when she channeled the elegance of the beach in a maxi dress while doing house hunting with Affleck.

This may be due to his busyness; The wedding plan should be in her head, although she has not shared any details publicly. Wearing white is a timely matter, because the wedding season is virtually upon us. In fact, with its recent look, Jay Lowe has given the classic bridal fabric a business-glam twist.

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