Jennifer Lopez’s Birkin Doubles as a gym bag

Jennifer Lopez is known for her style, whether on the red carpet or out of the race. Earlier this week, Multihyphenet was spotted carrying a Hermes Birkin bag attached to the athletic apparel. Depending on the year, style and texture, a Birkin bag can start at around $ 40K and go up to $ 500,000. Wearing one of the most alluring handbags in the world on a casual day with leggings and sneakers? We wouldn’t expect anything less from a fashion icon.

Jay Lowe’s look includes a black zipped cropped sweatshirt two-piece set with leggings, white Nike Air Jordan 1 retro low metallic golds, oversized Versace sunglasses and the above mentioned black Birkin bag gold hardware with gold hardware. In short, it was a lesson for advanced athletes.

Recipients of the 2019 CFDA Fashion Icon Award have been spotted wearing the same motto across LA this week: athletic apparel, sneakers, designer sunglasses and luxurious gym bags. She followed a pair of her Birkin X leggings on June 2nd with a rainbow palette, tie-dyed hooded sweatshirt, tangerine leggings, neon sfush nikes and the show’s star: a white Gucci Diana tote bag. The orange band of the bamboo-handle bag echoes the orange leggings, with the theme of hardware binding the bag to the garment.

Jay Lo has fixed a constant in the title as of late. From the launch of her renowned beauty and skin-care line until the June 14 release of her highly anticipated Netflix documentary halftime, she has a busy schedule. And this Sunday, the International Superstar is set to receive another milestone in the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards. The “Mary Me” actress will receive the Generation Award for her extensive, 30-year film career.

As we hope his award show shows, read the gallery on the front to see his improved take on the sport and his craving for luxurious gym bags.

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