Jay Lo wears a cropped sweatshirt with a coach bag and Jordan

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For her performance and high-profile appearance, Jennifer Lopez is often admired for her unforgettable outfits and outfits. But day after day, the newly hired multi-hyphenate embraces classic streetwear, usually inspired in the 90s or early 2000s. Take, for example, a recent look at her when she arrives at her dance studio in LA on June 15th. For the occasion, Lopez chose a heather-gray sweatshirt, Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT sneakers in neutral tones and a coach field bag with signature horse and car prints. He has shown his solidarity for such casual combinations before.

He was seen with Ben Affleck in late March, wearing a marigold slab top and Nike. Then on May 31, he waved the same sneakers, along with a Christian Dior book tote and similarly cropped loungewear. The 52-year-old star obviously likes to practice her dance moves in these different places, but the integrated sensibility makes her sportswear a bit more cohesive. The addition of a polished pebble-leather coach purse (Lopez brand ambassador), which can also be worn crossbody, blows that air of luxury. Meanwhile, its classic Jordan has been updated with smooth, black sail leather Pikabu panels, which are playing at a shy price of $ 650. And while the exact brand of its zip-front jumper and cargo suits has yet to be identified, there are plenty of affordable options for you to get the look.

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