Janet Jackson surprised fans at the 2022 Billboard Awards

Last night’s 2022 Billboard Music Awards were packed with memorable performances, speeches, memes and – of course – lots of head-turning fashions. From DD’s opening performance and monochromatic look and Doza Cat’s Akashi Schiaparelli to Machinegun Kelly’s Serenading Megan Fox and Billboard Changemaker Honorable Little Miss Flint’s passionate speech in support of Row vs. Wade (and Flint, MI, Water Sink) Provides internet-breaking moments at intersections. One of the biggest surprises of the evening was the presence of Janet Jackson.

At the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, fans cheered with excitement while pop icon Mary J. with Jackson. Blizzard took to the stage to receive the 2022 Icon Award. “Mary J. Bliss represents the truth,” the 56-year-old superstar said of the hip-hop soul queen. For the occasion, Jackson chose a Thom Brown suit that has several design elements known for the brand.

The infamous personal pop star, who earlier this year invited the camera and fans to his world with his Lifetime Documentary, released a classic air of sophistication in his custom combination. In keeping with the brand’s sartorial policy, Jackson wore a black compressed cropped blazer (a thom brown staple), a white button-up with a signature brown three-stripe tie, and a high-waisted skirt with open corseted bonnet. The Grammy-winning entertainer completes the look by wearing a timeless top hat, a bow with a teased side ponytail. In front of the footwear, Jackson chose the platform Brog Hill with the letter block “Thom Brown” written on it.

On the front, look at the pictures of Taylor Luke and the backstage at the 2022 Billboard Awards Birthday Girl (Jackson’s birthday is May 16, like a real bull queen).

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