Jamila Jamil Custom Monique V Dress at She-Hulk Premiere

Jamila Jamil brings her Marvel character to the red carpet. On August 15, Jamil and the cast of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” gathered for the Los Angeles premiere of the upcoming Disney+ series, and Jamil’s outfit immediately caught our eye. It’s almost as if a comic book came to life and posed for great photos. Jamil’s custom Monique V dress is covered in words like “bang,” “wow,” “bam,” and “zap” and other visual details like smiley faces and hearts. It features a cross-neck halter top and two hypnotic spirals in green and yellow on the chest.

The low-cut dress is covered in crystal embellishment which brings the whole look to a new dimension. It featured a thigh-high slit, which allowed her black Christian Louboutin pumps to pop out. Jamil was definitely leaning into the superhero theme, but her green manicure, which we can assume was a nod to She-Hulk, was the cherry on top.

Jamil was styled by Law Roach, who commissioned the custom outfit from Monique Vie shortly after landing the role of supervillain Titania. “I’ve had nowhere to wear this for 18 months. Tonight felt perfect,” Jameel wrote on Instagram after the premiere. “Even though my period cramps decided to start a second time I hit the carpet. So thanks for the perfect outfit to confuse everyone for me.”

She continued, “Preparing for a whole new take on Marvel this Thursday. Filled to the brim with relatability, lols, and thought-provoking moments. And if the themes of feminism in our shows bother you, this show is specifically for you. We’re trying to attack people.” No. Just say how unforgiving it is. Take it as a challenge! I play [the] Biggest misogynist on the show… that was wild. Man, what a ride this has all been. ❤️”

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” premieres August 18 on Disney+. Ahead, check out photos of Jamil’s custom Monique V dress at the premiere, which she Described appropriately As in “comic book chic.”

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