Jack Harlow’s suit at the MTV VMAs Photo

Chrome and bubblegum pink took the stage at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, but Jack Harlow added his own pastel twist to the awards show in a mint-green suit made entirely from vinyl. On August 28, the “Nel Tech” singer took the stage with Lil Nas X to accept the award for Best Collaboration for “Industry Baby.” While Lil Nas X looked like a walking work of art in her second look of the night — a maxi dress covered in silver cutouts — Harlow had her own moment in the spotlight with a suit so shiny we could practically hear it screaming through our TV screens.

Harlow’s Diesel jacket, which she layered over a white ribbed tank, is a boiled wool-blend piece with a glossy vinyl finish, creating the textural effect of “wrinkled elephant” skin, according to the brand’s website. The rapper paired the look with vinyl pants and white sneakers, an ensemble that sparkled under the stage lights and made a case for late-summer pastels.

During the awards show, Harlow also wore a pair of black slacks and a sequin button-up that reflected the night sky during her glamorous “First Class” performance with Fergie. On the red carpet, the “Churchill Downs” singer wore a leather suit with a chocolate brown layered double-breasted blazer over a satin turtleneck and matching pants. She styled it with square-toed boots and ombre sunglasses.

Check out Harlow’s mint-green vinyl suit as she gets ready to pop champagne with Fergie and Lil Nas X.

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