Jack Harlow wears the Lil Nass X shirt at the BET Awards 2022

Jack Harlow makes a fashion statement in support of his friends and colleagues at the BET Awards on Sunday evening. On June 26, “First Class” musician Lil Nass X showed up on the red carpet in March after the “Montero” rapper’s nomination was canceled. Harlow, who released “Industry Baby” with Lil Nass X last year, wore a black graphic tee with photos of the rapper, which he paired with black Givenchy pants with a chain, as well as the brand’s Derby shoes. Harlow, who is ready to perform on the show, has been criticized for being nominated as the best male hip-hop artist as a white rapper.

Prior to the show, Lil Nass X called the network after receiving zero nominations this year, despite being awarded various Grammy, MTV VMA and AMA awards in early 2022. On Friday, the rapper released “Let To The Party.” Featuring the song “F * ck BET”. In a recent statement to Rolling Stone, he described in detail his “painful and repressed” history with BET, sharing that his performance at last year’s awards show came with a number of conditions and complaints. However, the network called Lil Nass X’s statement “just untrue” and said that, despite their love for the rapper, he was not nominated by BET’s voting academy.

Ahead, take a closer look at Harlow’s outfit at the BET Awards.

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