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Versace’s Medusa platform shoes first hit the runway in the fall of 2021, attracting buyers everywhere. Soon, they hit the celebrity fashion circuit, especially those worn by Knowles-Carter at Ariana Grande and Beyonc,, who, according to the fashion house, increased sales. Although they certainly seemed easy to strut and were a great complement to a minidress, the question remains: were they really comfortable?

The Chunky Mary-Jane pumps, with their signature round square toes and crystal-bound ankle straps, are built on a 3-inch platform and stacked with a 6.5-inch heel. The design is a clear consensus for the 70s – and a favorite of creative director Donatella Versace. “Donatella always likes the platform,” the fashion house told Popsugar via email. “You’ll almost always see him wearing it.”

Having a track record of twisting ankles in high heels or taking them off in complete frustration, I was hesitant to wear Versace’s viral platforms in public. But I was also curious, especially after praising the co-runner, that Peloton coach Olivia Amato removed them along with celebrities like Travis Alice Ross, Olivia Rodrigo and Addison Rye.

Photo source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Wasilak

I chose two different pairs: the mule on the La Medusa platform in Fuchsia, emblazoned with the signature symbol of the Italian house and tall on a 5.5-inch stiletto, and the Medusa Bigi leather loafer in the Kiwi, the 1.5-inch Greca Insignia engraved. Platform attached to a 3.5-inch heel.

After about 30 seconds of adjusting to a new height, I was able to move forward with comfort and confidence.

The night they arrived I tried the pink colors, and as I walked around the multitasking of the apartment I was pleasantly surprised; They did not feel rather strong. After planning my outfit for the week, which I like to wear to hair appointments, dinners with friends and on dates, I feel more secure in the decision to donate shoes.

Electric green loafers were the most comfortable to wear because they have a flexible sole. The trampled rubber platform grounds me and keeps me straight. Although they were a bit heavy to lift with each step, I didn’t think anything of the workout and I was actually more aware of my path.

The stiletto mules on the other hand made me feel like I was walking on stilettos. I felt a brief moment of suspense whenever I applied them, but after about 30 seconds of adjusting to a new height, I was able to move forward with comfort and confidence.

I must have gotten some double-tech at the cafe and felt taller than usual (my age is 5’1 “).” It seems to be the average height, “I repeated to myself in the mirror before leaving the house. The skin wraps around the front of the foot, so my toes don’t press tightly together and I’m proud to say that I’ve endured just zero blisters.

Next up, see how I’ve styled my shoes for a week, and do my right shopping.

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