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Originally designed for athletic wear, joggers have become a staple of everyday wear that can be worn up or down. The epidemic contributed to their new popularity, boosting traditional workwear codes and shifting our focus to comfortable, ubiquitous clothing suitable for long-term work from home. The lightweight construction and comfortable fit of the sports pants make them ideal for all kinds of everyday occasions like gym sessions, grocery trips and coffee runs. We’ve seen girls like Kendall Jenner on the bricks who regularly play joggers at the airport. But jaggers just go beyond wearable loungewear. If you choose a more suitable style, they can be styled for a semi-dressy meeting or date night. Swap your go-to adidas slides with kitten heels, trade your sweatshirt for a fitted pastel satin bra top and you’ll achieve peak soft girl aesthetics. Perfect year-round head, the Jaguars are season-aging, paired well with winter cable-knit sweaters and chunky sneakers, and with crop tops and open toe sandals in the summer. From a budget standpoint, these are a great investment: you’ll get plenty of wear from your juggernauts, especially if your outfit goes wrong in terms of comfort.

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What are juggers?

Derived from the widespread application of the Athlizer, the joggers are casual pants that come with a drawstring waist. They have a silhouette like sweatpants, but their ankle cuffs and often a more fitting look set them apart.

Jagger vs. sweatpants

Joggers and sweatpants are both comfortable and generally loose fitting. However, joggers are usually worn for activities such as running or biking. These are usually lighter and more breathable than sweat pants because they are primarily designed to work.

What do you wear with joggers?

You can style jaggers with any top, from sweatshirts to tanks and bras. If you are going for a casual look, finish with slide sandals, flip flops or sneakers.

How can you wake up fashionably?

Reach for a blazer layered on top of a tank and top with kitten heels for a reliably chic look which is still comfortable AF. In front, check out the eight street-style ways to wake up outside your home, and shop for our favorite wake-up calls.

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