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The Irish Claddagh ring means both special and sensitive. The design, which usually represents love, friendship and loyalty, dates back to Ireland in the 1700s. Similar styles, such as the Fed ring formed by two clasped hands, are found back in ancient Roman history. Since jewelers have redefined Claddagh over the years, they have designed modern shapes that can be layered into a stack or worn alone as a statement.

The Claddagh ring enjoys popularity throughout the year and sees a special leap in sales on holidays. NYC-based jeweler Jenny Norman reports that sales of her popular Claddagh ring continue throughout the year. Stephanie Sheehan, an artist and metal maker based on Long Island, has seen Claddag being used as an engagement or wedding ring, largely because of its beauty. According to Saks Off 5, Claddagh’s sale, which is easily stocked online, is at the top of the pre-Valentine’s Day, probably a testament to its romantic symbolism.

On the front, you will find more details about the Claddagh ring, including tips on how to style it and how to place it according to Irish culture.

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