How to style Air Jordan | 13 Outfit Ideas

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The Air Jordan 1 is often considered the most iconic of all sneakers, the Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan wore during his last game at Madison Square Garden in 1998 during his Chicago Bulls tenure. The shoe itself was introduced in 1984 when a contract was signed with athlete Nike, it is now a street style symbol, which means creating a sense of decoration around it – be it with jeans, shorts or clothing – is virtually essential.

After ESPN aired a 10-part documentary about Jordan’s famous career, “The Last Dance”, its original red Jordan, aka “Notorius” Jordan 1s, sold for 60 560,000 at the Sotheby’s auction since 1985. But today, Jordan has 36 editions and counts – a new model is released each year – many of which you can find on resale sites and buy vintage.

As long as Jordans are still on the market, their legacy survives, which is why they are often the focus of someone’s appearance, and not just a thought. Find 13 smart ways to plan a combination around the front pair of Jordan, starting with denim with a front slit that reveals a retro kick with every move, a suitable short or skirt suit that perfectly shows the impeccable shape of the high-top. We’re breaking down costumes for every style of book, whether you prefer neutral and own classic, monochromatic Jordan or you’re proud of a multi-colored, multitexture design from a limited-edition collaboration that’s memorable enough to go down in history. .

Keep reading to be inspired when you shop for the right Air Jordans to help you achieve every aesthetic.

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