Telfer’s shopping bag, commonly known as “Bushwick Birkin”, is a brick bag unlike any other. Featuring shows like “Unsafe” and endorsed by celebrities like Beyoncé and Lil Nas X, the rectangular cariol is not only a hot product, but also a powerful symbol of representation to many. When Liberian American founder Telfer Clemens launched his unisex label in 2005, he stated in his mission statement that he wanted to redefine luxury. Instead of creating an exclusive culture, his view of luxury is “not for you, but for everyone.” And with shopping bag style retailers ranging from $ 150 to $ 257, Clemens is truly making luxury more accessible and inclusive.

In addition to all of this, because the bags are vegetarian friendly and highly functional, each Telfar bag sells out in a matter of seconds, whether it’s a new colorway or a completely new design. So fast, in fact, the brand has launched a bag protection program to ensure that those who want Telfar bags can buy one. The Bag Security Program allows customers to purchase as many shopping bags as they wish; Items are then made to order and shipped within a certain date.

The brand regularly hosts shopping bags, other bag styles and ready-to-wear drops, which are promoted on its social media page and its newsletter. The latest drops include the popular duffel bag style.

There has never been a better time to secure a bag, so read on for what you need to know about buying a telpher style of your own.

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