How Peloton’s Olivia Amato walks on platform shoes

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Fashion and fitness go together seamlessly, whether you’re choosing a co-order set for a peloton ride or pairing a sports bra with 6-inch platform heels and bike shorts. Peloton coach Olivia Amato did little of both, leading in one-shoulder crop tops and tie-dye leggings. In fact, she’s just as famous for hosting classes for trade, bike or smart camera owners – as she is for posting Y2K-inspired clothing on Instagram.

“The more you walk among them, the more you’ll get into it.”

The 31-year-old athlete, who calls her aesthetic “street style combined with trendy and glam”, is known for clothing ranging from miniskirts and crop tops to boosters and jeans, usually accessed with those viral versus medusa platforms. He rarely enters the street wearing less than two or three inches of shoes, mixed with Dr. Martens and Prada’s AG boots, Gucci’s slides, and high-heeled sneakers from Puma.

“I have no background in fashion but it has always been a big part of my life because my mother’s love for shopping, shoes and bags came to me very quickly,” she told Popsugar via email. “Growing up, when it was time to shop, I knew That’s right What I was looking for. Even though I’ve now shaken up a few of these choices, I had an idea and have always been committed to it, even if it means changing or changing the style of something. “

Amato maintains that as a Peloton resident fashion enthusiast, she is often asked for styling advice by peers, many of whom have celebrity-level followers on social media (Amato and Jess Sims boast nearly 500,000, while vice presidents Robin Arjuna and Psychel Rigsby hovers about one million). “I recently recommended a bag to Emma Lovell and she’s rocking it very well,” he says.

Photo source: Jennifer Wagley

He also has good advice on how to get out of those Iconic Versus pumps. Popular by stars such as Ariana Grande and Dua Lipper, the shoes are adorned with an ornate ankle strap and a 6-inch block heel adorned with a Medusa charm.

Walking on popular platforms without tripping, Amato recommends practicing above all else. “The more you walk among them, the better,” he says frankly, as if he were coaching in a HIIT class. Of all the brands he has tried, he says Versace’s repetition is the most comfortable. “These are heavy, but other than that, they’re comfortable to wear all night, even standing and walking. Platform shoes have always been my favorite when I first saw them at Spice Girls.”

In front, Amato POPSUGAR’s exclusive shoot styles Viral Verses platforms in four ways. Scroll down to see the photo and shop for a few pairs in her favorite color.

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