Holiday home decor I recently ordered

Holidays are here! I know it’s kind of late – but from the background of the story there were a lot of questions about our holiday decor.

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Details: Tiered glass tree (below $ 50) Nest Birchwood Pine Candle (below $ 50) | Black velvet ribbon (under $ 15) | Green Velvet 2 sets pillow case (under $ 15) | Cream stone pot tree set (below $ 20) | Primrose Mirror Ornaments (under $ 25) | 3 Gold Set Candle Holder (below $ 20) | Velvet Ornament Set (below $ 50) | Glass Christmas Candles (under $ 30) | Cable Knit Stocking Set (below $ 50) | Flocked Christmas Tree | Eucalyptus fox necklace (under 20)

This year I wanted to try adding thin velvet ribbons to the tree which I have never really done before so I am looking for some beautiful ribbons to try to bring my idea to life. I got this blonde and ivory colored ribbons from Amazon and they are both very beautiful I am going to use for wrapping gifts and then I used this beautiful black velvet ribbon in our trees and wreaths. Excited to see how active it is! Adhering to my neutral theme, I also got these beautiful multi-colored velvet ornaments from Target that come in a complete set. – Pictures don’t do justice at all, otherwise I would have given multiple orders. The colors together look very nice and really high-end.

Amazon Christmas Tree, Holiday Decor, Flocked Tree, Christmas TreePin

Details: Swarms of Christmas trees

Every year I go back and forth between a swarm of trees and a traditional tree. I love both! This year we decided to plant a bunch of trees in our house and I love how beautiful it looks! I can’t wait to see what it looks like decorated.

Amazon Christmas Tree, Holiday Decor, Flocked Tree, Christmas Tree, Bottle Brush Tree, Birchwood Candle, Holiday CandlePin

Details: Nest Birchwood Pine Candle (below $ 50) | Mini Bottle Brush Tree Set (under 15)

This birchwood pine scented candle is the best holiday candle (under $ 50), it makes our home smell amazing! I have used it for many years and everyone who comes to our house asks about it. Also recently ordered are these mini bottle brush trees, they are so cute and less than 15!

Amazon Christmas Tree, Green Tree, Holiday Decoration, Flocked Tree, Christmas TreePin

Details: Green Christmas tree

I wanted the office tree to feel different from our tree at home so I took this green tree instead of a bunch. I love how organic this tree looks and it’s not crazy fluffy and tight that fits the vibe of our office perfectly!

Targets, velvet ornaments, amazon ornaments, christmas tree, holiday decorations, Pin

Details: Velvet ornaments (below $ 50) | Glossy metal ornaments (below $ 50) | White stud ring (set below $ 15) | Tennis Bracelet (under 15)

Holiday Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Holiday Stockings, Stockings, Targets, Holidays, ChristmasPin

Details: Knit pom stockings (under $ 20)

I thought these knitted stockings were so cute. They come in both green and red for under $ 20!

Holiday Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Pillows, Holiday Stockings, Stockings, Targets, Holidays, ChristmasPin

Details: Tear up the pillow (store only) Holiday Pillow (under $ 30)

How beautiful is this pillow ?! Still such a clever addition to add a pillow during the holidays while keeping the colors neutral. This was another holiday item I only saw in Target stores but I also liked their other options on their website – I thought this Holiday Plaid Pillow for under $ 30 was so cute.

Holiday Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Holiday Stockings, Stockings, Targets, Holidays, ChristmasPin

Details: Shiny tree decoration (store only) | Glass ornamental tree set (below $ 30)

I saw this cute sparkly tree decoration piece at Target Store but found an alternative to a super similar glass tree online here! A set of 2 is under $ 30 and it would be nice to have them on sheets or in the bedroom nightstand.

Holiday Home Decor, Christmas Decor, Christmas, Amazon Holiday Decor, Target Holiday Decor, Nordstrom Holiday Decor, Anthropology Holiday DecorPin

Details: George & VV Holiday Light Up Village (under $ 50) | Fox rosemary garland (under $ 50) | Christmas Time Dessert Plate (under $ 20) | Gingerbread House Dormat (below $ 70)

Anthropology never fails me when it comes to finding beautiful holiday decorations for home! I thought these holiday light up houses are so adorable for mantle decor or to bring a festive feeling to your bookcase. Another favorite was to use these holiday dessert plates (less than $ 20) to serve guests or when we have a family holiday dinner. Finally, I had to get this Gingerbread House Dormat for home and our office – Anthro has the most beautiful holiday mat ever!

Below are some links to my recent vacation. Anyone else already putting up their holiday decorations?

xx, Christine

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