Harry Style wearing a duck cardigan and wide-legged jeans

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If there’s one thing that can go away with a 70s-inspired outfit with a duck-sewn cardigan, it’s Harry Styles. After a long three years, Styles released his third album, “Harry’s House”, and surprised a crowd of over 100 fans at a Spotify party before its release on Thursday, May 19th.

For the event, Stiles, in collaboration with knitwear designer Ruth Herring, walked the set in an album-themed position in a custom cardigan from SS Daily with two yellow ducks on each side. The brown sweater, a special order from the brand’s autumn / winter ’22 ‘collection, was complete with black buttons and a yellow checkerboard print underneath the sleeves. Style, who works with stylist Harry Lambert, paired the sweater with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of wide-leg jeans, adding a retro flair.

As an accessory, musicians of English descent never shy away from wearing bold necklaces, earrings and rings. This time, Styles has opted for a thatched, light-blue beaded necklace made by Miami-based brand Elliott and finished the outfit with a classic white sneaker. The singer’s aesthetics blend in with the atmosphere, complete with a mirror wall and vintage furniture.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Styles has been seen channeling in the 70’s. Most recently, she performed at Cochlela after a rainbow sequined Gucci jumpsuit. His girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, is also a fan of the nostalgic look reminiscent of the same decade, as she was spotted at a Las Vegas movie wearing a blue velvet power suit, Alberta Ferretti’s favorite Necklace of Styles, a simple gold cross pendant. Chain

At the front, look at Styles’ album-debut outfit from all angles and shop for her perfect necklace.

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