Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade match at the Prada show in Milan

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Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade have won Milan Fashion Week in one integrated style at a time. With the brands debuting in their spring / summer 2023 men’s clothing collections, the couple has flown into the fashion capital and their stylists are offering some cohesive clothing. With the help of Union stylists Thomas Christos Kikis and Wade’s stylist Jason Bolden, the pair was spotted in a summer-ready Prada look that includes great season trends, including crochet, mesh, and bra tops and viral micro. – Miniskirt.

Union, 49, was wearing a white crochet triangular bra under a silky black long-sleeved blouse, which she effortlessly left open for elegant comfort. She paired it with a belted version of the viral low-rise skirt (popular on the Miu Miu Spring / Summer 2022 runway) in a brown suede material. Her finishing accessories, a pair of black patent leather platform Mary Janes and a small Prada Galleria Jacquard fabric bag, tie the look beautifully. Next to him, Wade was wearing a white mesh tank top with a silky short-sleeved shirt and black pants. She has finished her pairing with white and gray sneakers, dark sunglasses, Prada Re-edition 2005 nylon bag and pearl and silver layered chain necklace.

This impeccable combination occurred just hours after the couple met in the silhouette of Prada Tank for the Spring / Summer 2023 men’s show at the luxury home. Union is stunned by a sensual, biscuit-colored prada knit dress with a scoop neck top and a long fringed skirt. Wade, meanwhile, was standing in a sun-yellow tank top and paper-bag trousers.

Look forward to the stylish couple in action, and discover the right pieces to wear.

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