Free People Free Throw Bodiesuit Review 2022

Being bodysuits Pretty much This is the moment of summer – and that’s it. While mainstream is certainly not new to mainstream fashion, it has seen a particular resurgence throughout 2022 – with more and more people embracing bodysuits beyond the limits of athletic wear and incorporating them into everything from figure-hugging nights to casual, work. Home style and beyond.

Even in my own outfit, a few pieces have proven to be more versatile or flattering than a bodysuit. But as much as I like the style, I often doubt whether the piece is durable enough to keep pace with my busy lifestyle – especially if I order it online and can’t feel the material in advance.

So when I heard that Free People was releasing an exclusive collection with The Class (made with fan-favorite pieces in fresh, new Colorway), I knew I had to try out the FP Movement x The Class Free Throw Bodysuit ($ 50). See if the high-quality piece was really worth promoting – and versatile enough to become the head of my summer outfit (spoiler: it Absolutely Was!)

Read on for my honest review of this comfortable free people bodysuit.

What I love about this free man bodysuit

In addition to its ultracomph fit and comfortable look, I like that this bodysuit has an elegant, polished flair that makes it very easy to dress up even just outside of a workout. Whether I style it with a great pair of denim or layer it with a structured blazer, the bodysuit offers a lot of clothing versatility – making it a really good investment.

The free throw bodysuit style is not only timeless, it also doubles as a great transitional piece, meaning you can sport it throughout the summer season and wear it well in the fall (of course with the right cardigan or blazer).

What a worth noting

This particular beige colorway (aptly referred to as the “Turtle Dove” on the Free People’s site) is included in the Free People X The Class Collaboration, which means it’s a limited edition version of the brand’s popular Free Throw Bodiesuit. In other words: if you like this particular style, you’ll want to shop as soon as possible before it’s too late!

The bodysuit also serves as a slip-in style, instead of a button latch on the thong, which means you have less flexibility to adjust the look of the suit to fit more snags. I recommend double-checking the Free People’s Sizing Guide to make sure you buy the perfect size for you and your body type.

And perhaps the most important thing to note: price. Unlike other internet-favorite bodysuit styles, this piece certainly boasts a heavy price tag – but for good reason. The free throw bodysuit is made from a ribbed fabric that is durable without being too heavy or limited. It’s also made specifically for medium-impact workouts, so I can trust that the bodysuit will support me in any environment without fear of tearing or loosening too much from movement.

Even if you are on a tight shopping budget, I would argue that this free people bodysuit is perfect for extra splurge (trust me!).

Who is this bodysuit best for?

Athletes and casual fashionistas alike will appreciate the stylish but tolerant-friendly nature of this free people’s bodysuit. Whether you’re running in the gym, working from home, going to yoga classes, or even preparing for a late-night summer dinner, this bodysuit has proven to be the main thing for me to go for everything.

Additional information

  • The bodysuit is available in XS-XL format.
  • Buyers can get this style in a variety of fresh colors including cream, black, aqua and deep orion blue.
  • The bodysuit has an open-back design for extra breathing.
  • The fabric is 87 percent polyamide and 13 percent elastic. Retailers also recommend cold washing machine products.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Kylie Warren

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