Emrata dresses for the COS show at New York Fashion Week

On the second-to-last day of New York Fashion Week, COS debuted its Fall 2022 collection with a highly anticipated runway event. Featuring a see-now, buy-now range of wardrobe staples, the show was modeled after New York City, from its Starrett-Leahy Building location to a reflective runway designed to mirror Manhattan’s skyscrapers. Alongside celebs like Euphoria’s Angus Cloud and Anderson Puck, Emily Ratajkowski (Emrata) sat front row in a stunning New York outfit. She opted for a black, belted trench with a chic oversized collar, accessorizing with leather, knee-high boots. “[My stylist and I] “Basic Instinct includes Sharon Stone, Carrie Bradshaw and a lot of Tom Ford for Gucci,” she told PopSugar after the show. she told Popsugar after the show. The influence of “Sex and the City” undoubtedly inspired Emrata. Handbag choice: Christian Dior’s ubiquitous saddle bag that Bradshaw helped popularize in the 2000s.

Adding to the nostalgic quality of her look, Emrata debuted a souped-up bang (“I just cut a bang and wanted to show it off,” she said) and ombre-dyed hair. While she says her everyday aesthetic can be summed up as “hot working mom,” fashion week demands an entirely different styling process. “I really just focus on finding a way to marry my personal style with the designer’s vision in a way that feels cohesive,” she explains.

At COS, that vision revolved around nostalgic trends, reimagined with an eye toward the future Think oversized coats — currently on trend for the fall 2022 season — rendered in classic materials like herringbone and tweed. Structured blazers were imaginatively paired with flowing trousers. And the minimalist neutrals of the 90s were given a jolt of color via neon handbags and colorful scarves. Standout looks from the collection include a sweeping, neon turtleneck gown; a brown cocoon coat styled with a bucket hat; and an embellished set made of 100 percent recycled sequins. Models like Leah Kebede, Alton Mason and Paloma Elsaesser walked the runway in head-to-toe black, a NYC favorite color palette that mirrored Emrata’s look.

Keep scrolling for a first look at the collection and the celebs on the front row.

Additional reporting by Sarah Wasillak

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