Dua Liper “Future Nostalgia” tour clothes steal the show 6

It’s fair to say that Dua Lipa isn’t unfamiliar with a busy work schedule, but these past few months have been nothing short of a fast-paced “don’t start now” for the singer, who has been traveling from country to country for her. The Future Nostalgia “tour, which began in February 2022. Although her days may be full of travel, Lipa never fails to shake her head with her Y2K-inspired fashion sense. Picks for the latest between cap and underwear trends.But on stage, it’s a very different story.

During her 90-minute set list, Lipper changed multiple costumes and each matched a different performance. In an interview with Vogue, Lipa elaborates: “Every outfit tells a different story, from the first to the last spacesuit.” She also shares what she is looking for in a dress – something comfortable that makes her feel really good. Working with his stylist Lorenzo Posoko, the team enlisted Balenciaga to create two custom lace catsuits and Cassie Cadwallader, the creative director of Mughal, to complete it. Wearing Lipa opera-length gloves serves fan-favorite songs in these incredible pieces, cementing the aesthetics in our heads like that.

Meanwhile, the star recently revealed her collaboration with Megan Thi Stallion, “Sweetest Pie”; A line of athletic wear is partnered with Puma; Voger scored on the July 2022 cover; And her performance in “Argyle” is about to make her debut. Through all this, he does not let the strong feeling of his style fall by the wayside.

Keep reading to learn more about each piece from her “Future Nostalgia” tour wardrobe.

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