Downton Abbey: A New Age: Check out the best costumes of the 1920s

“Downton Abbey” costume designer Anna Robbins is back for the second film, “Downton Abbey: A New Era”, where fans will see the Crowley in a new light. Still as glamorous as ever, the British family travels the French Riviera; Because, as it turns out, Violet Crowley inherited a villa. The atmosphere is more relaxed, the costumes for warmer weather are more open-flowing and lighter (although still maintaining the air of elegance that the characters are known for being at home in downtown).

Tupens Middleton, who plays Tom Branson’s new wife, Lucy Smith, describes the 1920s wedding dress, the sequel to the Mirror, touching on the fresh aesthetics of the dress. “You see these characters that you’re really used to seeing in formal situations, in libraries and drawing rooms and dining rooms and all of a sudden they’re on the beach. And it does something to them. It frees them up,” she said, referring to her inevitable moment in swimwear. Gay, who was quite compressed in the 20’s: “It has a certain shape and fit. So we spent weeks in fear of being in front of the camera.”

For the costumes of the second film, Robbins, who focused on the late 1920s, moving to the 1930s, worked with the cast to make the rather ornate and often intricate costumes feel natural. “This is a glorious era for designing and finding these treasures,” he told Digital Spy. “Picking a favorite outfit is like asking my favorite baby to pick one.”

Learn more about Robbins’ design process and see some original looks worn by Crowley and their staff directly from the expert.

“Downton Abbey: A New Era” hits theaters exclusively in the US on May 20, but may be available to stream on Peacock 45 days after its premiere. Series producer Julian Fellows has not yet confirmed the third film.

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