Demi Lovato’s red leather jacket and plaid skirt

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Demi Lovato is leaning towards a new kind of fashion aesthetic, pulling elements from punk, grunge and glam rock. The singer recently showed off a punk-inspired companion and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood will approve immediately. Standing in front of a white wall, Lovato poses bald in a plaid skirt over a striking black skeleton-graphic T-shirt wearing a red leather jacket. The mini, in red, green and blue patterns, stands with its broken hem, black belt and two scraps of cloth – one with a news snippet and the other with multiple crosses.

Lovato’s random hairstyles move their heads towards the punk theme, as they show off their beauty, which features a sharp red eyeliner and pink cheeks. Emerging from London in the mid-1970s, the punk movement quickly spread to New York and other major cities, propagating progressive, anti-establishment views in response to uncontrolled capitalism and rising unemployment. In fashion, it has been translated into a majority-black palette of leather jackets, bondage accessories and annoying attire, which Lovato has adopted here and in recent times.

This style moment is the latest in a number of subtle combinations that signal the beginning of a new chapter in the star’s personal style journey. On Instagram, they posed in a yellow flannel shirt, a full-black leather pants set, a “matrix” -style patent-leather crop top and high-waist trousers and a black motorcycle gear as a bodysuit. Black seems to be the color of the moment at the age of 29, as shown in their recent two-piece strapless bathing suit.

If you are attracted to timeless aesthetics, recreate the look of Lovato with punk-inspired pieces on the front.

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