Cute Oversized Shirts for Women | 2022

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Nothing is more uncomfortable than a skintight shirt. A little rash can throw off your entire evening, and don’t even get us started on how restrictive a tight top is on a hot day. Oversize is the way to go for almost any occasion, and shout out to TikTok for popularizing it. Baggy, airy, loose and unfitted are the name of the game — and its comfort score knocks it out of the park. We’ve seen oversized in streetwear and in support of the coastal-granny trend, so why not fill your wardrobe with it? Whether it’s a loose blouse, a minimal t-shirt, a cotton flannel, or even a sweater for chilly nights, oversized is neither here nor there—it’s always accepted.

Styling an oversized top is as easy as throwing on a pair of bike shorts or loose jeans; It’s effortless trend pairs well with anything, no matter how relaxed or fitted. Layer an oversized linen button-up with a pair of linen pants for a coastal-grandma aesthetic, or if you want something dressier, grab an oversized t-shirt and pair it with a blazer. There are so many occasions for an oversized moment and so many ways to style it all From beach to work wear, these are the best oversized tops for work.

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