Curioma Bamboo Knit Sneaker Review

Everyone should have a good pair of jeans, a simple T-shirt and a white sneaker. This is called a capsule collection; A collection that transcends all seasons and trends. This is arguably the most important item of clothing you can wear – you can throw away any piece of it in a hurry and I know It will look good. A white sneaker plays a huge role in this category, which is why I make sure I always have a reliable white sneaker in my closet. I recently got the Cariuma Off-White Knit Sneaker ($ 98), and I was surprised to see these shoes.

What is the quality of Curioma Off-White Knit Sneaker?

The quality of these sneakers is difficult to match. Cariuma dedicates her shoes to embody both durability and comfort, and this pair of shoes hits her Mission Square. They are woven from bamboo and plastic to ankle to ankle outsoles and insoles made from cork and organic mammon oils – all light weight materials. Its lining, laces and threads are all made from recycled plastic water bottles to create an eco-friendly shoe that suits your accomplishments. It certainly earned its $ 98 price point, which is comparable to other sneakers like New Balance or sneakers, right in line.

How does Curioma Fit Off-White Knit Sneakers?

Wearing these sneakers feels like wearing a feather: your feet are light and gentle. Their knitted material is so breathable that socks are not a necessity. Really, these shoes aren’t like anything I’ve ever tried before – they’re incredibly comfortable and have a flexible design that curves with the shape of your feet. Ideally, they make a great summer shoe based on how easily they slip and close, as well as their ability to breathe (no sweaty feet). The sizing is also correct, because I am not a size and they fit exactly as I suspect. If you are not interested in white, they also come in 16 other color options for your choice. Personally, I was between white and sand beige, but white seemed essential to my outfit.

Would I recommend Curioma Off-White Knit Sneakers?

If the underlying tone isn’t a clear “yes yes” then let me clean it up a lot: these sneakers are one of the best shoes I’ve ever owned. So much so, that I might have to buy them in a few extra colors. Seriously, I can’t say a bad word about these shoes. At the forefront of its mission is the Carrimara, with its amazing shipping, perfect size and durability – what more could you ask for? Before the word comes out I suggest you pick a pair for yourself.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Haley Lindes

Curioma Off-White Knit Sneaker

Curioma Off-White Knit Sneaker

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