Coach Coach Handbag Collection 2022

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Meet Dreamie, Sweetie, Sparkie, Winkie, and Groovie, aka the trainers. These personalities are part of Coach’s new limited-edition fall collection of prettiest handbags full of personality. The Cochise line includes card holders, crossbody bags, and Rogue 25 and 17 designs. Each piece features a set of animated eyes with colorful details on a bold and vibrant background. Handbags are accessorized with turn locks, tassels, zipper tabs and other gorgeous charms and details that give the look of arms and legs. Plus, some of these pieces are made with recycled materials. This collection has a piece for every vibe; It’s fun, playful, and whimsical in a fantastic way. These expressive bags will steal the spotlight and you should be fine with it.

Got a Type-A personality with a dash of positivity and a can-do attitude? Sparky’s wide-eyed personality will inspire you to take on the day. If sarcasm is your bread and butter, you’ll probably resonate with Dreamie. Its blissful vibe does all the talking, so you don’t have to. If you’re naturally energetic and full of curiosity, meet your new best friend, Sweetie. With its glass eyebrows and blush-pink cheeks, it’s guaranteed to make you smile. Feeling fun and flirty? Winky is the weirdest option of the bunch, with its expressive eyes and tongue sticking out — it’s silly yet so cute. Got a cold personality that likes to keep things soft? Groovy is your pulsating flat-buckle eye that works like a glamorous sunburst. Shop the Coach collection ahead.

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