Ciara’s “JUMP” music video costume

Ciara has just released a summer music video, and it is full of exciting style moments. Consistent with the song’s title, “Jump,” the first scene is high on Adrenaline, showing Sierra and a group of dancers in identical varsity costumes as cheerleaders. Their integrated two-piece uniforms include black long-sleeved V-neck cropped shirts marked by the title of the song and tennis skirts paired with triangle-cut hemlines. Adhering to the theme, the look is complete with white ankle-length socks and hairstyles with sneakers, high ponytails, large frocks and curly waves. Ciara accessorizes with large silver hoops, her side part hints of her blue eyeshadow and pink lips.

The video is then inspired by the second scene, presenting a single ciara dancing in an old car. Dressed in a more revealing outfit, the 36-year-old star reveals her cleavage through a black short-sleeved T-shirt with torn chest cutouts and matching shorts with butt cutouts with a similarly torn pattern on each side. Searle’s hair has been transformed into a long, curly red frock and she has accessorized it with heart-shaped hoops, piles of gold bracelets on each arm and multiple gold rings. She finished in a sporty note with red, white and black Nike sneakers and black socks.

Next, the ciara embraces a rockstar sensibility layered under a bolero-style leather vest in a graphic tupac hoodie and paired with baggy leather pants marked with the word “ciara” on the back. Silver chains hang on each side of his pants and the battle boot completes the getup. In the fourth scene, Ciara is seen dancing on an electric pole in a set consisting of a silver chain necklace and white sneakers styled loose trousers, a white crop top, trench coat and bucket hat. In contrast to the casual look of the singer in the scene below, the tuck-in matching pantaboot wears a bedside halter bodysuit.

Scroll down to see all 14 of Sierra’s “jump” video outfits, including a bathing suit, leather bra set and sweatshirt.

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