Chloë Sevigny’s sheer Jean Paul Gaultier wedding dress

Although Chloe married Sevigny art dealer Sinisa Makovich in March 2020 when she was pregnant with their child, the happy couple enjoyed a formal celebration in Darien, City last weekend. For star-studded occasions (from longtime friend and collaborator Humberto Leon to “Russian doll” coaster Natasha Leon), Sevigny wore Glenn Martens gown Jean Paul Goltier Couture. The dress (showing eight from the 2022 Spring Decoration Collection) was an ethereal, white sheer tendril chiffon dress, gathered under the bodice and skirt, complete with a huge organza hood over the shoulder – it also doubled as a veil.

The actress, who recently starred in “The Girl from Plainville,” styled the gown over a white, lace-embroidered slip. She wore the gown wearing delicate diamond drop earrings and her hair was cut back at a low bun, allowing the dress to shine. Her bouquet of banana lilies, tied with silk ribbons in the shade of a light rose, complements her toe shoes.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Sevigny held a bachelorette with close friends, wearing a lacy mason marzilla set with knee-high stockings, seemingly aesthetically pleasing. Following Jean Paul Goltier’s gown, the fashion estate was transformed into the look of a second couple at the reception: white flowers pinned to her hair with an off-the-shoulder ivory design lace bustier. When she officially tied the knot in March 2020, Savingi wore an embroidered black dress, tights, leather boots and a white veil, reflecting the long-held unconventional sense of fashion in Hollywood and the related fashion industry.

In front, see detailed shots of Sevigny and Makovich’s wedding.

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