Chloe Fineman’s MTV VMS Dress | Photo

Some people hide their own candy and popcorn in movie theaters. Chloe Fineman wears her snacks on her sleeve. On Sunday, the hilarious “Saturday Night Live” star arrived at the 2022 MTV VMAs in an outfit lined with gummies, lentils, rock candy, M&M’s, and licorice — not a bad snack for a three-hour awards show. Designed by Instacart and fashion label ThreeAsfour, Feinman’s floor-length dress features a futuristic design made of a chrome puffer fabric — possibly inspired by a stainless-steel refrigerator — and embellished with edible decorations.

“@instacart helping me sneak snacks at #vmas! Operation Cart Couture… let’s go!” She captioned a behind-the-scenes clip of herself getting ready on Instagram Stories. In true haute couture fashion, the otherworldly outfit included a thigh-high slit and a voluminous train tied into a scale-like pouch that could easily double as extra snack storage space. The comedian layered the dress with statement sleeves under a matching cropped jacket that swirled over her shoulders in ice cream orange and silver.

Fineman styled the look with a sparkling glass handbag and strappy heeled sandals that showed off her chrome pedicure. During the IGS clip, Fineman also shared a glimpse of her matching silver manicure, accessorized with dangling carrot nail jewelry. Like Gemma Chan before her, Fineman’s award show look was the perfect vessel to dine on amid the night’s incredible performances.

Other standout looks at the MTV VMAs included Taylor Swift’s chandelier minidress, Khloé’s structured chrome ensemble, and Lizzo’s billowing gown in an inky blue that made waves on the red carpet.

Take a closer look at Feynman’s snack-filled wardrobe from all front angles.

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