Check out what celebrities wore to Paris Couture Week

The 2022 Paris Couture Fashion Week was, as always, a glamorous affair, attracting celebrities and captivating the catwalk. Among all the prestigious participants, a star emerged as a style icon to watch exclusively: the 9-year-old daughter of Northwest, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

With a piece full of designer pieces and a dedicated front row, the young star attracted all the attention with her growing street style. With a hint from her parents ’fondness for Balenciaga and her father’s fondness for oversized jackets, chunky platforms and baggy pants, the celebrity couple’s eldest child caught the spotlight when she attended the show with her mother and her grandmother Chris Jenner. While in Paris, she wore several interesting pieces from her father’s extinct streetwear line pastel, including a cobalt varsity jacket, a oversized denim jacket, a pinstripe skirt suit, and a graphic T-shirt. Her accessories were just as sharp, ranging from futuristic black shades and a false nose ring to Balenciaga City and Hourglass bags, as well as the brand’s collaboration platform sandals with Crocs.

Meanwhile, Ma Kardashian made her debut on the Balenciaga Couture Runway, complete with a gloved sweetheart-neckline black top, black pantaloons and a silk dropped maxi skirt. Fans were also surprised when he joined the Balenciaga dinner in full Couture Face Mask later that night. Still, the reality star ended her Paris takeover on the Jean-Paul Goltier show, reminiscent of Madonna’s bold breast cutout with her daughter in the early 90’s in a submerged pinstripe maxi dress.

Other stars at the center of the action included Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Christine Quinn, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell, who also starred in the Balenciaga show. They later joined several celebrities such as Alexa Demi, Emily Ratajkowski, Offset and Tracy Ellis Ross at the brand’s dinner. Scroll through the front row of Chanel and Jean Paul Galtier to see what everyone is wearing.

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