Check out the best-dressed celebrities at the 2022 Pride Month event

In honor of Pride Month and the space it creates to celebrate love, identity and acceptance, we’re seeing some of the best celebrity outfits from the red carpet event to Instagram.

The West Hollywood Pride Parade on Sunday, June 12 was a great reminder that pride places a strong emphasis on self-expression. Apparently Clothing is one of the most creative and fun outlets to show that freedom, and these musicians, producers, models, influencers and actors provide prime examples. It may be easy for celebrities to fall into the trap of clothing to appeal to their fans or the public, but instead, these fashion-forward moments speak to embracing their personalities.

With proud gatherings throughout June, it’s important to remember that the inclusion celebration and LGBTQIA + culture and community goes beyond just 30 days and the style here can serve as inspiration throughout the year. From Janelle MonĂ¡e’s custom checkered Sarah Sokol Military Conductor Hat and Diamond Breast Cover to Cardi B’s Bedzold Rainbow-Sequined Jumpsuit, there’s certainly no shortage of whimsical pieces to admire.

Whether they’re a proud member of the LGBTQIA + community or a supportive collaborator, scroll through the MTV Awards press to see celebrities come out in support of Pride in a wide range of amazing costumes, including Vanessa Hudgens CD Green Rainbow Disc Halter Minidress Event and Hayley Kiyoko He used to sing on stage at the Proud and Loud concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

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