Check out Simon Byles’ bikini on vacation with Jonathan Owens

Although his early career is one of the most equipped gymnasts in the world, Simon Byles can add a style fan to his biography, if he hasn’t yet. It almost seems like Olympic gold medalist footballer Jonathan Owens has unveiled a new level of fashion sense from a girlfriend to a fianc who the world didn’t know she had. Byles’ latest summer farewell to her soon-to-be husband has taken her to a new height with her stylish swimsuit. During the couple’s romantic escape, she wore a black-and-white silhouette-printed one-piece and a lively bikini in mint, lavender and light-pink plaid, spending time outside the office posing in clear blue water and in front of the Infinity Pool. .

It’s exactly April when Byles moved to Cancun, Mexico for a fashion-filled girls trip, so it’s no surprise that she’s going to provide chic and sophisticated getups that double day by day as clothing inspiration for her fans and followers. Going out at night after skirt set, dress and crop top. In fact, Byles showed off an emerald-green co-order complete with a one-shoulder bandage and a ruffled tie-pool skirt, all ending with a pair of strappy multicolor printed heels, after sunset and she and Vance Beach.

Ahead, see how she adorned her swimsuit with fine jewelry sets, structured sunglasses and a knitted hat for the holidays, then watch her special moment at the White House being awarded the July 7th Honorary President’s Independence Medal.

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