Check out Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie and Kane outfits

In Greta Garwig’s live-action “Barbie”, Margot Robbie played the iconic character and Ryan Gosling played the role of boyfriend Kane. Gosling has even bleached her hair platinum blonde to shed the look. The Warner Bros. movie, which was officially released on June 15, began filming in LA and Venice Beach, CA, where we got a glimpse of the incredible costume design from Jacqueline Duran, who created waves with her work for “Spencer”. Live-action versions of “Little Women,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” And has been proved by Gosling’s homogeneous appearance

The first peek into Barbie’s retro style shows Robbie sitting in her iconic convertible wearing a blue-and-white striped halter top with a favorite neckline; A thick, polka-dot headband; And a chunky beaded bracelet. Meanwhile, why she gets her own Calvin Klein-inspired branded underwear, the waistband clearly peeks out of her denim-on-denim coordinates. The couple also wore western rodeo clothing, complete with fringe and intricate embroidery, as well as a rollerblading set of neon 90s – and her and her complementary attire certainly wouldn’t end there.

Gerwig’s “Barbie” is partly responsible for the excitement surrounding the Barbiecore aesthetic in fashion, which is based on the revival of popular ’90s and Y2K trends. While stars like Megan Fox and Machinegun Kelly are serving pink looks on the red carpet and Cardi B and Lizo are wearing pink dresses from head to toe on the streets, the inspiration for Barbie fashion is everywhere this season.

Robbie and Gosling bring back the most original iteration of the front look. Check out this space as we collect more pictures of their costumes from upcoming scenes in anticipation of the film’s release in July 2023.

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