Check out many of Courtney Kardashian’s looks over her wedding weekend

If you’ve been waiting for the wedding of the year, look no further, because the Kardashian-Geners came in style. Since May 20, the reality TV family has gathered in Portofino, Italy, for the long-awaited third wedding of the eldest daughter, Courtney Kardashian, and her drummer boyfriend, Travis Barker. Since their engagement last October, the Lovebirds have coordinated for multiple occasions to commemorate their reunion.

From a spontaneous “practice race” in Las Vegas, where they wore matching leather jackets, to a formal Santa Barbara courthouse ceremony, where Kardashian opted for a white corset minidress adorned with a heart-shaped brooch and velvet pumps, some more. For a wide weekend in Italy the tone blended with their unconventional style.

Kardashian has her own spin on the bridal attire in clichs, sporting everything from a sheer red gown to white satin underwear to walking underfoot with an intricate, floor-sweeping veil. The morning after her reception – where she unveiled another leather jacket, this time painted by LA tattoo artist Dr. Wu under the name Barker – Kardashian returned in full black after a pleated babydoll at sea for a swim.

Although family and friends dress up in typical wedding guests to witness a long-lasting love affair, including gothic-inspired lace, leopard prints and floral slips, all paired with bezewell accessories, it’s hard to take your eyes off the 43-year-old boundary-push. The bride. Keep scrolling for the complete rundown of her wardrobe, all styled with the help of Danny Mitchell.

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