Check out Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s best outfits together

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are reported to be getting stronger by the end of 2021. The 41-year-old co-founder of Schemes and 28-year-old comedian Kardashian are not the first unexpected couple in the family, but it is clear that they were in love as they found each other on the set of “Saturday Night Live”, where the reality TV star Took the stage for the opening solo song.

According to a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians”, Kardashian is now exploring his own personal style that he and Kanye West split. He is becoming a brand ambassador for Balenciaga and is being recognized for his border-pushing futuristic looks. Whether skim or Balenciaga spandex pantallagings, Kardashian maintains a smooth and clean aesthetic for both casual day and dresser night wear, often finished with a metallic flash or oversized sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Davidson is known for its more casual and comfortable street style, consisting of layered outerwear of popular labels such as Supreme, Dixie, Carhart and Van. On the red carpet, she leans towards Prada and Dior’s favorite classic suits. Together, he and Kardashian have proven to complement each other easily, with Kardashian going half-way out of town with Davidson in his slightly sporty part, and Davidson proving to focus on his girlfriend’s high-octane glamor at events wearing neutral attire. It’s a fair balance, and we’ve liked every pick given so far.

Scroll down to see the couple’s best style moments so far

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