Check out Kanye West’s masked outfit at the 2022 BET Awards

Kanye West’s presence at the 2022 BET Awards was unexpected, and her masked outfit was probably the most surprising part of her arrival. Hip-hop icon Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, June 26, his longtime friend Shawn Combs aka P. DD took the stage to present the Lifetime Achievement Award West wore a hood by air puffer jacket with a padded hood and a zipper pocket on his left sleeve, after dressing in his signature distorted style for the occasion. He wore it over a black T-shirt to tear around the hem, intentionally annoying look, a pair of baggy black pants and Balenciaga bulldozer lace-up boots.

The legendary rapper finished with a pair of blue motorcycle gloves, dark sunglasses and a black mask that covered his entire face. The ancillary internet was worried that she would become unconscious, as she had to take short breaks throughout her speech to control her breathing. This look is reminiscent of Balenciaga’s fully covered model at the Resort 2023 show, which was also attended by Westerners.

“Fugitive” singer P. DD paid an ongoing tribute, which he described as a king. “How do we crown our kings? How do we praise our kings?” The West began. He credits DD for creating the blueprint for the industry. “This is my favorite artist,” West continued. “You see what I’m saying? Favorite artist – everything – especially, production, drip. You know, there were a lot of rules for hip-hop then. And he broke all the doors and broke the contracts the way many of us still don’t understand I understand the way many of us still don’t understand. “

Following this introduction, other stars (including Mary J. Blizz, Nass, Lil ‘Kim, Busta Rhymes, Bryson Tiller, Faith Evans and Maverick City Choir) honored DD with a beautiful performance.

At the front, check out the different angles of the Western masked outfit and see what the other stars wore on the BET Awards red carpet.

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