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For movie premieres, fundraisers, and the Met Gala, Blake has worked closely with designers to create the look of Lively Statement. Equally impressive is that the actor has brought his own companions without the help of a stylist – he has famously forgotten a stylist for his entire career. In the latest installment of the Pussy Life in Looks series, she shares some insights into her style on and off screen.

The 34-year-old star talks about the influence of New York City in her style on the background of her breakout show, “Gossip Girl” and her current husband Ryan Reynolds and where they live with their three daughters. At the recent “Gilded Glamor” themed Met Gala, which she presided over, Lively inspired her love of the city with a shiny, custom-made gown and tiara, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and many NYC landmarks. And Grand Central Station. “Instead of looking at fashion from the Golded Edge, I wanted to look at architecture,” he said. “New York has become such an important part of me. It’s a place I choose to live in. It’s the love of my life.”

Of all her style moments, Lively showed the most nostalgia for her baby bump. She cites the 2016 Cannes Film Festival as an example, where she appeared in a blue, asymmetrical, high-slit gown that hid her growing belly. She has not yet publicly shared the news of her pregnancy (she did not consider it necessary), so she used fashion in her favor. “I’m very personal, and I’m very safe with my kids, and I don’t want to share them with the world, and I think it starts when they’re in the womb,” she said. “So, I just thought, ‘I’ll just dress like I’m not pregnant. If I’m not pregnant, I’ll wear whatever I can.'”

For more hidden gems in the history of Lively’s clothing, watch the full video above.

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