Buy the best shorts to wear under dresses and skirts

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Finding the perfect outfit is often just part of the mission when you’re shopping for an event-ready look complete with lingerie. It is important to know what shorts to wear under your dress or skirt – especially during the windy, transitional months when the wind can blow your hemline. Whether you’re looking for casual biker shorts or a specific type of shapewear, there are plenty of shorts that can be worn under clothing.

POPSUGAR reaches out to the major brands in the market – including Commando, Skims, Spanx, Wolford, Honeylove, and LA Apparel – to identify their top sellers and specify the type of clothing or skirt that best matches each product. Keep reading to discover the right shorts for your wardrobe with shopping worthy recommendations.

How to find the best shorts length to wear under a dress

Carry a measuring tape in hand when buying shapewear. If you know which dress you will be laying on shorts, measure to make sure the dress is about two inches longer than the shorts you are buying. Since clothing moves as you walk, consider the length of the shorts and how visible they will be. (And if people see the shorts underneath your clothes, if you don’t mind, hey, that’s fine too.) Many designs have an odd finish feature around the legs, so you can take the DIY method and trim as needed. You are going for that hemline length.

What is the best shorts material to wear under a dress?

The material of the shorts you choose depends on the dress or skirt you are laying down. Shopping for shorts that can be worn under a ribbed knit fabric? Look for a cool, sweaty material like nylon. If you shop for under-shorts that will probably be quite visible, a cotton material usually provides an ideal amount of opacity. Look for anti-chaffing and anti-peeling properties when shopping for shorts and follow the care instructions carefully to avoid material damage.

What is the best color of shorts to wear under a dress?

When your shorts need to be almost invisible – such as when going out after a perfect, nude outfit – choose shorts that mimic your skin tone. Buy multiple options in two to three different shades so you can personally find the best color and try them out in different lighting conditions (be sure to read the brand’s return policy before bulk ordering.) And wear to the gym? You choose the most comfortable color, although classic black is often a reliable standby.

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