Buy belly beaded necklace from summer I became beautiful

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“The Summer I Turned Pretty” features all the features of a gorgeous, hesitant series: a juicy love triangle, strong female friendships, beach scenes, a binge playlist and, of course, fashion inspiration. Throughout the first season of the Prime Video Show, Isabelle “Belly” Conclin (Lola Tung) wears a series of enviable outfits from brands such as Zara, Reformation, Mango and Stuad, but fans seem obsessed with her beaded necklace. The colorful choker, which appears on most scenes (save for his debut-ball debut in the season finale), combines teal, yellow, light-pink, white, black and gold beads.

Costume designer Jess Flaherty tells PopSugar everything about the inspiration behind Belly’s “fun and youthful” accessories, including her beaded choker and a bunch of unmatched bracelets. “I like jewelry that you never have to open. It needs to be simple and effortless pieces that can go from the pool to the sea without having to think twice,” she says. “Along with my shopping trip, I kept seeing colorful beaded necklaces which was really the summer feeling I was looking for. Flaherty shared that she bought the belly necklace for the show last summer, so sadly it’s no longer available online.

Still, “The Summer I Turn Pretty” fans are taking matters into their own hands, recreating Belly’s beaded necklace at home and registering their DIY tests on TikTok. Dozens of Etsy creators are also selling their own scams on the website – a phenomenon we’ve seen with Kiara’s beaded necklace from the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks”.

Read on to buy a handful-looking belly necklace from Etsy with similar designs from other online retailers.

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