Buy all the best fitting bikini bottoms for the summer of 2022

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Finding the right swimwear for your body type is usually a game of trial and error. Shopping for bikini bottoms can be notoriously difficult. Before you start searching for your swimsuit, you will want to understand the different silhouettes available at most retailers. Whether you want to lengthen your legs, accentuate your waist, or highlight your left, there is a stylish, comfortable bikini bottom for you.

The best bikini bottoms from popular retailers

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How should the bikini bottom fit?

Ashley Liddell of La Mariposa told Popsugar that her company’s bottoms had been sampled more than a dozen times before their release. “A great fit should look great for all body types below and should be accentuated to make a woman’s body look better,” she says, referring to the Toluka style, which is cut high on the embossed side, made for natural curve lifting and sculpting. But there are plenty of swimwear styles to try before your next pool day. Whether you’re looking for more coverage or less, you’ll find options after the jump – and you’ll know That’s right How to describe what you are looking for next time you shop.

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