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In addition to you Marriage Gowns and engagement-party dresses, your bridal-bath attire can probably be one of the most illuminated looks of your wedding celebration. Even though what you wear in your bridal shower is usually less than what you wear on a big day, it’s still a moment when all eyes are on you – so why not engage in a dresser ensemble? You can go super formal or keep things casual.

A white bridal-shower dress is a conventional but chic choice. If you want to go the unconventional way, try a colorful dress or a printed style. Consider Syrian designer Rim Arodaki for an impeccable suit-inspired minidress or Australian label Third Form for a timeless satin midi dress that you can easily wear over and over again. On the other hand, if you want to introduce a color element without being too bold, Emilia Weeksted’s Floral Cotton Midi Dress or Painterly Off-Shoulder Design of Reformation are two options that will ensure a head-turning entry.

Feeling inspired by “Bridgeton”? You will prefer Sister Jane’s pearl-encrusted mini ball gown or the pleated satin midi dress from House of CB. Cult Guy Cutout Knit Midi Dress or Anna October Breeze Sundress with a flaw next to the dressy casual. Whatever your style choice, there is an assortment of bridal shower dresses to choose from.

What to wear in your bridal shower

There are no hard and fast rules for which you have to wear white in your bridal shower. In fact, many brides have severed ties with the custom this season – for example, choosing black wedding dresses and styles with short hemlines – and this attitude extends to their bridal-bathing attire.

Nailing the look of any special occasion means slipping towards something that you will see and feel comfortable in. In the summer, light and breathable fabrics – such as linen and cotton – usually provide practicality, while in the cold season, dense materials (think knit or tweed) strike a balance between lax and warm. Where and when you will host your bridal shower will affect what you wear: a classic blazer dress may be ideal for a fancy restaurant, while a midi design with eyelets may be more suitable for a cozy brunch at a friend’s home.

How to style your bridal-shower dress

Whether it’s a pair of opera gloves or a statement chain necklace, accessories will play a big role in enhancing your bridal-shower dress. They give you the opportunity to introduce color – such as a bright handbag or a vibrant pair of earrings – or stick to a specific theme, such as a garden party or a beach hang.

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– Additional report by Kiara Joseph and Marina Liao

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