Bonnie Feldstein Engagement Ring from Bonnie Chance Roberts

Beanie Feldstein’s engagement rings are as unique as they come. Just days after announcing his engagement to girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts, the “Funny Girl” star showed off her new rock on June 27 during the appearance of “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. The ring is shaped like a flower, with a large, central diamond surrounded by 14 small teardrop stones that look like petals, all set on yellow gold. This became brighter when Feldstein spoke of Roberts ’wide-ranging surprise proposal, which involved many members of his family and close friends. “Everyone in my life lied to me,” he joked.

Michelle Oh, a London-based jeweler, shared a custom-designed Feldstein ring and several close-up photos on Instagram, as well as details of how the piece came to life. “Bonnie told me she wanted to make the most special ring possible. Something that is aesthetically inspired wine type and really one of a kind, like a rare flower,” Oh writes. He added that “a very passionate little diamond” from Roberts’ mother’s ring was also embedded in the band and hidden under a cluster of flowers. Feldstein commented in his post expressing his appreciation for Oh’s handiwork, “I am so grateful for the most beautiful ring that ever existed,” when Roberts wrote, “Out of my dreams and imagination! The most perfect ring for the most perfect girl.”

Vintage-inspired designs have become a popular engagement ring choice among celebrities this year, but the Feldsteins trend is a more unique and meaningful one. Read on to zoom in on the new accessory of the stars.

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