Beyonce Renaissance Album Cover Bikini | Photos

We have officially entered the “Renaissance” era of Beyonc. Six years after the release of “Lemonade”, the “Break My Soul” singer poses on a holographic horse wearing a publisher bikini for the cover of her seventh album, dropping a swarm of yellow-gold clothes from her iconic “Lemonade” video. Leaving her own twist on the biggest style trend of the summer, Beyoncé wore a sculpture Nussie Cuero bikini adorned with chrome spikes and hundreds of shiny crystals.

Just there bikini – the style of Marni Cenofonte and Vance Gamble – is curved in a helix pattern from the base of Beyonc ঘ’s neck and circled around her buttocks. A pair of chrome nipple pastes adorned the upper half of the one-piece suit, while the rest of her chest was trimmed with fine strings of crystal that shone like her shiny riding saddle. She jumps on her waist with liquid silver heels, a caramel manicure, matching eyeshadow, a bright-pink lip, and a honey-brown wave, which evokes the popular hairstyles of the 16th century.

Beyonc বাদ dropped the cover of the June 30 album just a month before the official album release on July 29th. Also at the center of Future Cover Art, set against a black background, is a holographic horse that looks like a disco ball, covered by thousands of tiny mirror tiles. From this sensual Nusi Cuero one-piece to her classic Roberto Cavalli outfit in the “Lemonade” video, Beyonc আবার has once again proved her prowess in breathtaking visual covers.

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