Beyonc এবং and Ariana Grande are inspired by Broadway’s six outfits

If Netflix’s “Bridgeton” is not a sufficient indication of Regensicore’s influence on fashion, the trend has now found its way to Broadway. Since the release of the British musical comedy “Six”, made in England in the 15th century, the show has become a worldwide sensation in its own right – and we assume that the widespread acclaim of the show has something to do with broad clothing. A modern revival of the life of Henry VIII’s six wives in the form of a pop concert, the play focuses on each queen who sings her story after a unique look.

Costume designer Gabriela Slade married the world of pop and Tudor to create costumes for “Six”. Slade, a master of opulent clothing, took inspiration from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Hampton Court Palace, as well as from Alexander McQueen’s met gala-highlighted designs.

The Queen channels some of the world’s biggest names in pop culture. For Catherine of Aragon, who was the more traditional queen, Slade began with a tudor-cut piece with a bodice and a square neckline that was age-appropriate. “Her dress also has a lot of Spanish influence,” Slade told Variety. “If you look at Beyonc’s aesthetics, you’ll find lots of black and gold fashion pieces,” he added, referring to the Queen’s celebrity style connection.

Meanwhile, Katherine Howard’s pink-and-purple look is channeled into a modern-day Ariana Grande who wears a pink miniskirt in her “No Tears Left to Cry” video.

Catherine Parer’s mature, modest appearance is greatly influenced by R&B singer Alicia Kiss. “She had leggings, but we also gave her big shoulders, which for me made it a strong silhouette for her,” Slade said.

As if the influence of the biggest stars in pop culture wasn’t enough, Slade decided to custom-make each character’s shoe with Swarovski crystals. Judging by his groundbreaking work for the “Six”, Slade is clearly looking for a buyer, and we expect him to take the industry by storm after his Broadway recognition.

In front, find some behind-the-scenes details he shared on Instagram.

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